It’s “Melo-drama” Once Again in New York

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July 20, 2012 by kujhawk

Jeremy Lin has already had his introductory press conference in Houston. He is a Rocket for at least the next three years, and now reports are coming out that New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony wanted it that way.

Lin-sanity has taken his talents to Houston.

Sources are saying that Anthony, after being quoted as saying that he wanted Lin to return to New York next season if the Knicks were willing to “pay him that ridiculous contract,” is now saying that he wanted Lin out of New York from the beginning. I don’t understand what Melo’s problem is. Jeremy Lin was a quality player last season. He got the Knicks wins, kept them in contention and made them relevant while Melo was injured. Then all of a sudden Melo is healthy and back on the court and the Knicks can’t win.

This seems to be a recurring cycle for Carmelo. He, to quote a friend of mine, is like a virus. The team he is on seems to be on the right track for success, but then things seem to implode all of a sudden. Things are never his fault. I think the word blame is lacking from his vocabulary, unless he is throwing it onto someone else. First it was in Denver where he was at odds with head coach George Karl. Now, after the “ridiculous contract” from the Rockets has taken Lin to Houston, Anthony needs to back up his words and start winning some games.

The time to win is now for Carmelo and the Knicks.

Carmelo has done everything in his power to make the Knicks “his” team. It has been his way or the highway for most of his career, but his way has not been the championship winning way. His way has been drama-filled and has lacked any positive momentum since he got to New York with Amare Stoudemire. Carmelo, at times, has looked more suited for a reality TV show cast than a basketball team. Isn’t it curious that former head coach Mike D’Antoni and now Jeremy Lin have left the Knicks  after experiencing the wrath of Melo? Isn’t it curious that the Knicks let their 23-year-old point guard and new revenue machine go to Houston so they could have….wait for it…..39-year-old Jason Kidd take over at the point? I’m a Kidd fan, but his wheels are getting worn and he also just received a DWI after crashing his car into a pole in a one car accident. They also have Raymond Felton, who seems to be Lin’s heir apparent but has much to prove this coming season. These are not coincidences. Melo gets what Melo wants, and if you try to cross him, you are done. If you don’t agree with him? Well tough cookies because he will get the last word, so you better just pack up and leave, because if you get on Melo’s bad side, you are going to stay there indefinitely.

When he signed in New York, the Knicks unofficially became Melo’s team. Now, with all of the off-season changes in New York, Melo has gotten everything he wanted and the Knicks are his team now more than ever. He has never been shy about hogging the basketball or being a me-first player, and with the new group he has around him, nothing is going to change in that department. What these changes do is put more pressure on Melo and the Knicks to win games. Will he finally step up and actually lead a team? Or will the “Melo-drama” continue to derail the Knicks chances for success?


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